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So let me start by saying this isn't a request for donations or anything; it also is NOT Tigerdile closing down! It is a frank and open discussion about the future of Tigerdile and is something we have announced already to recent streamers via email.

After doing Tigerdile's taxes for 2018 and looking at our financial outlook, Tigerdile can no longer support itself as a company. It couldn't afford to do its own taxes, it couldn't afford its business license stuff, etc. It is, in fact, very very slowly losing money each month.

As such, we have decided to no longer run Tigerdile as a company; Tigerdile, LLC will be closing this year because it costs more to keep running it than to just shut it down. We'll save like $300 - $400 a year by getting rid of the LLC, which is just about our shortfall, so it works out.

Tigerdile, as a service, will continue; however, we will not be accepting new streamers. This isn't really a problem since we got maybe 4 new people all of last year :) Whomever currently has a stream with Tigerdile may continue to use the service as much as they want. Users may still sign up to chat.

All of Tigerdile's income will go into Tanabi's bank account directly, and Tanabi will pay for any shortfall out of pocket for as long as people wish to keep streaming here. Tigerdile's software -- the website, the chat server, and all the other lil bits -- will be made open source at some point this year. If anyone wants to work on it, then they may. If anyone wants to use it to try to make their own service, good luck with our blessing.

We will not give anyone access to your sensitive user information, and all changes will be vetted and tested by Tanabi before being put on our server. Being Open Source merely means that people can see and work on the code -- it doesn't mean they can get to your data or change the software installed on Tigerdile's server.

Finally, we'll be moving servers soon. We have located a good host, and we will try to start making that move this week. Hopefully it will work better than Limestone Networks -- I would not recommend them to anyone. Seriously, they kind of suck.

Thanks for sticking with us, and continuing to do so!

-- The Tigerdile Staff